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Core Values & More info

UMSOM is a non-profit public interest group made up of a reasonable consortium of socially concerned individuals which supports legalization of Marijuana.

UMSOM endorses a system in which Marijuana could be legally produced and distributed for the people by the people without advertising or other factors that glamorize its use to children or young adults unless for STRICT MEDICAL PURPOSE.

UMSOM also feels that in order to eliminate the "black market", distribution of Marijuana should be similar to that of alcohol. less contact with drug dealers who have economic incentive for selling other, more dangerous, drugs would benefit all concerned. Furthermore, partial government control would eliminate such hazards as Marijuana contaminated with herbicides.

UMSOM was founded in 1977 by Charles C. Kile Jr. and was an active advocacy group until 2001.

UMSOM has been revived after over 10 years of inactivity in light of recent political changes, and in honor of the memory of Charles C. kile Jr. (1938-2011).